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With love,

Thank you so much for taking the time to look me up here on my shop! It means that you really enjoyed my comic and would love to get some merch! Which makes me very happy! It is thanks to readers like you that artists like me are able to keep doing what I do and for that thank you so much! I'll keep working hard to create more heartwarming, fluffy and/or angsty comic for your reading pleasure!


For those who just randomly stumble upon my site, I'm the creator of Where's My BL Story and My Weird Roommate both of which you can read on Webtoon, Tapas or WebComics.​ If you enjoy my series, support me on Patreon. $1 to get access to Patreon feed and sketches, $2 to fastpass, $3 for illustrations, $4 uncensored BL Story, $5 backstories and extra comics, $7 nsfw illustrations, $10 MWR canon smut and read The Scars We Hide in advance, $15 written and signed postcard once a month, $20 2x sticker of the month in your mailbox!

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