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  • What packaging do you use?
    I use bubble envelops so that it might prevent the merch from getting spoil or wet.
  • Shipping
    Products like keychains, buttons and postcards come directly from me so you will get them in the bubble envelops. There won't be a tracking number because I don't use it. That's why the shipping cost is cheaper cause it exclude track and trace. Products like clothing merch, books, throw pillows and mugs come directly from the printer/manufacturer. These are print/made on demand products so when you order, the factory will processing the order and will send the products to you. You will receive a track and trace code when the order is being shipped out.
  • How long will it takes before I get my stuff?
    For products like keychains, buttons, stickers and postcards, I will send them out within the week unless I counted the stock wrongly and I don't have stock. If that's the case, then I need to reorder them which might add 1 week to the time it normally takes (1-2 weeks from NL to US). For products like clothing merch, throw pillows, mugs and books, it might take around 1-2 weeks for the factory the make the products and then plus the shipping time it takes (normally around 3-5 working days since they have factories around the world).
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